Dispensing medications

  • We dispense medications and have been so doing for 20 years.
  • We understand that consultants favour different medications and we support our consultants. We understand and are experts in substitutions if needed. We will liaise with your clinic if we need to find alternative medications.
  • Our pharmacists will be able to expertly discuss any queries and alleviate any concerns regarding medications and interactions.
  • For details of our individual pharmacists please see our team page.
  • All prescriptions will be dispensed from Hadfield House Gawsworth Items that need to be refrigerated will be delivered in specialist cold-chain boxes. These boxes should be kept sealed and will keep medication at the correct temperature until transferred to a fridge upon delivery. All deliveries will always be discreetly packaged. See our Specialist Delivery page for more detail.
  • We have a catalogue for all licensed UK medications.
  • Be assured our knowledge of our medications is extensive.
  • We dispense and deliver medications to clinics for on site stock holding.
  • We dispense and deliver medications to patients home or alternative agreed delivery address.
  • We have an agreement to dispense and deliver medications to UK patients after they have visited one of our international partner clinics.

Some of the most common medications you might be prescribed

This list is not exhaustive. There are lots of other medications that can be prescribed. Your exact medication regime depends on your age, test results and the stimulation protocol prescribed by your doctor and IVF clinic.