Intralipid Infusions in the comfort of your home

Intralipid Infusions in the comfort of your home

You may have been prescribed some extra treatment in the shape of immunological support, such as an intralipid infusion to help with your IVF journey.

So, what does this actually mean?

What is the theory?

Normally, the lining of the uterus contains immune cells that are specially adapted to tolerate this invading embryo. It is suggested that when these ‘friendly cells’ are not present or working effectively the mothers own immune system may reject the embryo with so-called NK (natural killer) cells. This could possibly make it difficult for the embryo to implant safely within the lining of the uterus.

Some doctors think natural killer (NK) cells in the body attack embryos and that intralipids stop that happening. But larger randomised trials into IVF and intralipids are needed to really prove this.

Intralipid Infusions in the comfort of your home

The truth is, intralipids might help. Might. Not will. If you’ve had miscarriages, repeated implantation failure and you have elevated NK levels, intralipid infusion therapy should be on your clinic’s list.

Intralipid Infusions in the comfort of your home

It is thought that intralipid is able to change the activity of the immune cells in the uterine lining, making a friendlier environment for the embryo. The limiting factor for the prescribing clinician is that there are no reliable tests that can definitively confirm whether a woman’s immune system will or will not reject any embryo that is trying to implant in her uterus.

One commonly presented theory is that as the embryo contains only half the genetic material from the mother, her uterus may interpret it as a foreign body and therefore attempt to reject the invasion.

If the decision has been made and a prescription is provided to us, we are in the unique position to be able to provide a nurse to visit you in your own home to administer the infusion as per the prescription.

According to experts, the benefit of Intralipid Infusions in patients with increased NK cytotoxic activity has not yet been proven to help patients with repeated IVF failure and therefore large-scale randomised controlled studies are still required.

Intralipid infusions have been used with IVF treatment to help women who suffer from repeated IVF failure or recurrent miscarriage, or repeated failed implantation following embryo transfer.

The disclaimer: The Fertility Pharmacy does not recommend or hold any opinion to the efficacy of Intralipid Infusion treatment.