Trypanophobia or in our language – Needle Nerves!

Trypanophobia is the extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles.

Our Nurse at Home service was designed specifically for this problem!

Many IVF patients need to self inject during the stimulation phase of treatment – for some it’s simply too daunting to contemplate. We’ve tried to help here with a host of hints and tips to help you relax, prepare and cope…..

  • Auto injector pens are sometimes included, which are easier to use – ask if
    your medication comes in that form.
  • Take deep breaths while injecting, helping with relaxation, relaxed muscles
    are softer
  • Numb the injection site -try using a device like viStylus which prepares the
    skin for injection
  • Rotate injections sites to prevent bruising, soreness
  • Ask for support and training from medical staff

To minimise the actual pain…….

  • If you can, make sure your medicine is at room temperature
  • Wait until the alcohol you used to clean where you’re going to inject
    is dry
  • Always use a new needle
  • Get the air bubbles out of the syringe
  • Make sure the needle is lined up right going in and coming out
  • Insert the needle quickly

However, if none of the above tips really hit the spot! – please ask us to send one of our lovely nurses to give you confidence to self inject, to allay your fears, or even administer for you as per your protocol.

Our Nurse at Home service is here because of our own experiences, we understand your fear and inability to self inject!