Getting Your Body and Mind Ready for Fertility Treatment

Guest blog contributed by Andreia Trigo RN BSc MSc

Infertility is worsening, affecting 12% of the population and the World Health Organization considers infertility a global health issue with significant burden to populations. In this article we discuss 5 ways to Getting Your Body and Mind Ready for Fertility Treatment.

1. Understanding fertility

Having an understanding of how your body works, paying attention to changes you may notice, or whether a particular sign or symptom is unusual to you. Understanding how fertility treatment works and how medication interacts with your body can help you feel more in control of the process. This knowledge will help you:

  • make informed choices about your fertility
  • help you stick with the treatment of your choice
  • Increase the chances of getting pregnant

2. Nutrition and Hydration

Getting the right nutrients into your body is essential so your body has the energy to do its several bodily functions. This includes producing hormones, developing eggs and sperm, preparing the uterus for implantation, leading a pregnancy to term, and delivering a healthy baby. Keeping hydrated with water and healthy, well-balanced nutrition, with unprocessed foods and rich in fruit and vegetables is recommended.

3. Physical activity

Our bodies require a degree of activity to remain healthy. Moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day is usually recommended. If you are trying to conceive, research shows high frequency/intensity training is counterproductive as it can affect ovulation.

4. Habits and Environment

Certain habits and addictions, like too much caffeine, smoking or drinking can reduce egg and sperm quality. Our environment, like plastics and radiation, can also affect fertility. Avoiding these can help you improve fertility.

5. Managing Emotions

Emotional distress is the first reason for patients to stop fertility treatment. Getting professional support during treatment can help you develop coping strategies, help you make challenging decisions, or improve communication with partners.

A new model of care that encompasses these 5 ways to get your body and mind ready for fertility is likely to help you cope with challenge, increase the chances of a positive outcome and set you up for a healthier lifestyle that you can maintain to live longer and better. The Enhanced Fertility Programme is an evidence-based solution that encompasses all the 5 aspects mentioned above to improve your health for fertility. Check it out here.

About Andreia Trigo

Andreia Trigo RN BSc MSc is a multi-awarded nurse consultant, researcher and TEDx speaker. Andreia is the founder of the Enhanced Fertility Programme, a digital support programme that is helping people worldwide and has been awarded Best Innovation in Business 2018 and E-Business of 2018. Check her out at