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COVID-19 Home Visits

Intralipid Infusions & Nurse at Home visits

Covid-19, Intralipid Infusions and Nurse at Home visits – how?

Our Nurse at Home team knows how important it is at this time to avoid as many human interactions as possible.

We also know that an Intralipid Infusion might be critical for the success of your IVF journey.

Therefore we are working very hard to ensure that a member of our nursing team can reach you to deliver the infusion in the safety of your home.

Covid Safe Nurse Visits

In order to ensure the nurse visiting you is completely Covid safe she may have to travel a little further than her normal geography – so we ask that you give us as much notice as you can. This allows us to pre-plan nurses who have been away from contact for as long as possible.

We are trying to keep the costs down to the basic level, but please consider that if the most appropriate nurse in your area has had to travel to get to you, we may need to add the cost of travel on to the charges.